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Premier's reading challenge

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The Premier's Reading Challenge website is now operating so that students can enter the books read into their reading log.

The 2024 Challenge dates are as follows:

Challenge opens: Monday February 26, 2024

Challenge closes for students: Friday August 23, 2024

All grades from Years 3–6  enter their books online.  

Kindergarten  students will complete the Challenge in class with their teachers. A permission note is sent home to kindergarten parents outlining the PRC details.

Parents must be aware of the conditions of entry

Two conditions of entering the Challenge are that students may receive a certificate and their name may appear on the Gold or Platinum Honour Roll. Certificates have the student's name and school printed on them. The Honour Roll lists student names in the PRC website only. Names are listed in alphabetical order (not by school) and no other identifying features are included.

Students who do not wish to receive a certificate or have their name published on the Gold or Platinum Honour Roll (or whose parents/carers do not wish them to) should not register for the Challenge. These students may take part in the Challenge unofficially - they may use the PRC booklists and can seek recognition in their school community - but they cannot add any books to an online Student Reading Record.

The number of books students must read and the booklists they must read from to complete the Challenge are:


Number of books

you must read

Minimum number of

PRC books

Maximum number of

Personal Choice books

PRC booklists you

can read from

K-2 30 25 5 K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9
3-4 20 15 5 3-4, 5-6, 7-9
5-6 20 15 5 5-6, 7-9
7-9 20 15 5 5-6, 7-9

Student login details are as follows:
User name is what the student uses to log in to the internet at school. Usually first name.last name (possibly a number after their name). Password is the student's class if in years one and two and a self chosen one if in years 3-6.

  • To log on simply click on the logon icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  • To enter books, students click on the ‘student reading records' tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  • If the PRC ID is known (a number on the front of school library books) this is what is entered where it says ID.
  • If there is no PRC ID then the book can be entered by title and author.

To learn more, download and view Completing the online log (PDF 536KB).

Certificates are issued each year to students who complete the Challenge.

Year of completing PRC Award received
1st year Challenge completion certificate
2nd year Challenge completion certificate
3rd year Challenge completion certificate
5th year Challenge completion certificate
6th year Challenge completion certificate
8th year Challenge completion certificate
9th year Challenge completion certificate
10th year Challenge completion certificate
Fourth year (not consecutive) Gold certificate
Seventh year (not consecutive) Platinum certificate
Every year from year 3 to year 9 (inclusive) Medal

Books can come from the school library, the local library, personal books, books borrowed from friends or family and even books purchased from a store. 

Just a reminder, this is not extra work for the students. The Challenge is simply a record of what the student has been reading over a period of time.I strongly encourage all students to complete the Challenge as it is a wonderful opportunity to explore titles and text types that a student wouldn't ordinarily read. 

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge app  Encourage a love of reading with the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge app that accompanies the NSW PRC. The app allows students to search for books on the NSW PRC booklists, record the books they read and track their progress in the Challenge. The app is available from the Windows Store and can be downloaded free on any Microsoft Windows 8 device.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2023 Read Grow Inspire

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