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Library Lessons

Every week your child will visit the library for their weekly lesson which incorporates literature and information skills. The skills they learn vary depending on the grade they are in, however, during their time at Carlingford Public School they will learn:

 - about different authors and illustrators
 - how to effectively use dictionaries and thesauruses
 - how to research topics using books and encyclopaedia
 - how to research topics using the Internet
 - how to effectively search for resources in the library
 - how to effectively use Web 2.0 tools to publish completed work
 - that information retrieval involves more than simply sitting in front of a computer
 - to manipulate the Interactive White Board
 - to handle books and library resources with care.

Library Bags
Library bags protect our valuable books and keep them clean and dry from other items in the school bag.
All students are encouraged to use a sturdy library bag. The library policy states that if a student doesn’t have a bag on their allocated borrowing day, they cannot borrow. In this instance, the books may be put aside until the following day when the student can bring in their library bag.

Library Monitors
Library Monitors play an important role in the day to day running of the library - borrowing, returning and re-shelving resources, keeping the library tidy and assisting those that need help. Monitors are chosen at the end of Year 4 through a selection process and hold the job for two years until the end of year Year 6.

Library Hours
The library is open for borrowing, returning, quiet time, games and computer use first half of lunch on Mondays to Thursdays. All students have use of the computers for research, homework and leisure during these times.


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